Prophecies For 2019

This is an excerpt of a whole message during the
*Unlimited 2019 (Taking Off the Limits) Global Address *
by *Dr. Abu Bako* on
31st December, 2018

This excerpt was about
*Nigeria* ?? and Her *Elections*


Prophecies For 2017

This is a part the prophetic word for 2017 that came through Dr. Abu Bako on December 31, 2016, at Logos Rhema Foundation for Leadership and Resource Development in Accra, Ghana.

The year 2017 is the year of reconnection and resurrection of relationships and disciplines. It is the year of aggregation and compounding, for expressing the thing that is supposed to be lying dormant. Everything that is still outstanding, everything that looks like it was not going to come…things that have been outstanding for thirty, forty years.  We are talking about reconnection in terms of relationships. What is the first relationship? [It is] the relationship with God. This time around, in 2017 [it is time] to develop that relationship of knowing God as Father.  There are a lot of things that are going to happen and that He can tell you “This is what I was actually doing it is because I want to teach this nation or that nation this particular lesson.”


Prophecies For 2016

The Prophetic Word that came on December 31, 2015 at Logos Rhema Foundation Excerpts from the Prophetic Word that came on December 31, 2015 through the vessel that God used – Dr. Abu Bako There are some that God will help to help nations – not in one area – but in every area, in the eight gates of society. God is about to bring people to that level.

God is about to take many of us into another realm of operation. There are some of you that will enter God’s rest this year. From now on you will be an expression of the Scripture that says “In Him I live and move and have my being.” The rhema is the secret. “Come up here” [that we find in Revelation 4:1] is a rhema. You need to enter into the expression of  the mystery of the “Secret place of the Most High God” by making the Lord your habitation.


Prophecies For 2014

Give Him praise Hallelujah. We are just about to enter the new day. It is the dawning of a new day. One of the things that GOD laid on our hearts was for you to enter the new day with your candle lit by the LORD. The one who normally lights that kind of candle is the LORD Jesus himself. You notice in Revelation 1 that He came in the midst of the assembly of His people with the seven-channel lampstand or the seven-candle stick [menorah]. That is what we will use. There will be the dawning of a new day.


Prophecies For 2013

The following is a verbatim script of an initial release of 2013 prophecies. The script is deliberately verbatim because as you read and pray through, the LORD may have a word or phrase which is seemingly unimportant to others, but will trigger something for you for the coming season. This is a continuation of the prophetic words that have been released over the past couple of months and appeared in various previous guides. There shall continue to be further prophecies as the LORD gives grace to His vessels.


Prophecies For 2012

Communities are receiving deliverances right now, some tribes, some clans, some cities, some nations are receiving deliverances. Yes some of you might be receiving individual things but basically the main thing for this little short time was for the purpose of community deliverances. That is why the heavens are to declare the glory of God so that the earth is filled with the knowledge of the glory of God as the water covers the sea so that every part of earth will know the depths of the glory of God right now.