Welcome to Global Apostolic and Prophetic Network

GAPNET was established in 2006 as a non-governmental organization dedicated to raising leaders in Africa and establishing the presence of God in every sphere of society.

GAPNET organizes apostolic and prophetic seminars, workshops and conferences in various nations in Europe, America, and Middle East Africa. Government officials, churches leaders, students, businesses, families etc are equipped to discover their mandate in God and to take up their rightful position in the development of the continent.

GAPNET organizes annual prayer and prophetic meetings in various partner countries as directed by the LORD. The network is partnering with various prayer group and apostolic ministries in various nations all over the world to provide a prayer shield for the continents and nations and usher each one into her destiny.

The first meeting was held in Accra in September 2006. It brought together believers from different denominations all over Africa. The Accra conference set the stage for the commencement of a new move that will usher Africa and other continents into their respective destinies.