Pastor Abu Bako

Global Apostolic & Prophetic NetworkCalled as an apostle and prophet to the nations, Abu Bako is the Founding President of The Logos-Rhema Foundation for Leadership Resource Development. The Foundation has various arms with a focus to promote leadership resource development underpinned by strong Kingdom principles. It aims to train, raise, encourage and develop quality leaders at all levels of public life.  Abu Bako is also the Founding President and International Coordinator of GAPNET, a movement of apostolic/prophetic ministries. Abu Bako (MSc. CC., PhD) was converted from Islam to Christianity in the late 1960s and has served as a University lecturer in Economics and researcher in Socio-economic issues.  Abu is happily married to beautiful Talatu Esther Bako (Tea) and they make their home in Accra Ghana with 6 children, one adopted and are grandparents too.

Pastor Chris Daza

Global Apostolic & Prophetic NetworkIs a founding leader of El Dabar School of Prophets in Switzerland and Germany for many years. He has trained many aspiring prophets and is a leader and member of a number of international intercessory and prophetic bodies.  Pr. Chris teaches strongly under a prophetic unction. He assists Pr. Abu Bako in leadership training seminars especially on aspects of government governance and politics and business seminars in various nations in Africa and around the world. Pr. Chris is one of the leaders of GAPNET. He is invited to speak at various international meetings on topics ranging from schools of prophecy, intercession, community transformation, university post-graduate lectures on the effects of post-modernity in the church among other topics. They make their homes in Malawi, Switzerland and Germany.

Polycarp Gbaja

Global Apostolic & Prophetic NetworkPr. Polycarp (Arch) heads the Strong Foundation Ministries in Abuja Nigeria. He anointed to teach effectively on Biblical principles for leadership in the corporate sector. Polycarp also uses music as a tool of passing on the messages to teach, exhort and re-direct God’s people back to His ways. He lays emphasis on a strong Kingdom foundation for every aspect of society – from family, church, government, economic sector, education, arts sports and culture and the media. Polycarp is an architect by profession and has his dear wife and family based in the northern Nigerian capital Abuja.


Global Apostolic & Prophetic NetworkBr. Ben is an Afrikaaner Farmer based in Mpumalanga South Africa. He has a burden to see Africa maximize her potential as a breadbasket to the nations of the world. He trains farmers and people in the body of Christ in farming God’s way. He is a successful practitioner of this method of farming on a medium-large scale. He has implemented training to various parts of Africa advocating for God’s Biblical and kingdom methods of handling the things concerning agriculture. He emphasizes on renewal of our minds in multiplying and replenishing the earth’s resources as God would originally intended rather than doing it in the Babylonian/Ancient Egyptian method which is strongly emphasized in other methods of farming- which results in depleting the earth’s resources. He trains in the seminars on Business and economy – on aspects of agriculture. He is a member and leader in GAPNET.

Sharon Brown

Global Apostolic & Prophetic NetworkSharon Brown is an attorney by profession, practicing law in the USA. Known for her straightforward yet compassionate delivery style, Mrs. Brown is a popular speaker at local universities and churches. She hosts a monthly call-in radio program. She also participates regularly in town meetings with members of the Caribbean community in South Florida. Prior to starting her practice, Mrs. Brown served as the administrator of the Haitian Refugee Center in Miami. She founded Sonshine Global Partners, a non-profit cooperation which organizes mission trips to Uganda and Sudan. She is the administrator of GAPNET. Sharon is married to a very supportive husband and she is the mother to two lovely children.