July 12, 2018 was the first of Av, 5778. August 11, 2018 is the 30th of Av, 5778. According to the Biblical Sacred calendar this is the fifth (5th) month, and according to the Biblical civil calendar, it is the twelfth (12th) month. According to the Gregorian calendar it remains the eighth (8th) month. This month was named after Augustus Caesar, one of the emperors of the Roman Empire. August 12, 2018 is the 1st Elul, 5778.

This month is termed “plumpness” In Gen. 17:12- the Hebrew meaning of ‘eight’ in this scripture is plumpness that represents ‘a surplus above the perfect seven’ meaning, that which is in excess, or over and above, or overflowing in every gate of society.

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